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Thursday, Jan 22, 2009

Web Tools to Enhance the Classroom Experience

Jerry Swiatek
email: swiatekj@citrus.k12.fl.us
twitter: jswaiatek

Using Quizdom for feedback. National Archives (archives.org) digital vaults. Pictures and documents.
Flickr has Library of Congress photos. Tagged by flickr users. Google Life Archive, 10 million images from Life Magazine. http://images.google.com/hosted/life Starting from the 1860'sShorpy - images from regular people
http://video.howstuffworks.com - from Discovery
http://studio4learning.tv Section on SAT testing
http://education.animoto.com - upload pictures and make hollywood style videos. Register as an educator for unlimited length, free videos, school wide
create animoto vid from iPhone, export video directly to YouTube or export as mp4 (back to iPhone/iPod) can make private videos with link
http://glogster.com - imbed video, music etc into a poster, then imbed the glog into a wiki or web page
Timeline programs: http://.timeline.com http://dipity.com http://timetoast.com Add pictures or video into your timeline
http://wordle.com - Create word clouds from a document
Cell Phones in the Classroom!
http://m.textthemob.com/id327 http://wiffiti.com
http://12seconds.tvhttp://qik.com - livestream video

Google Docs Can Cure Your Classroom Headaches!

Cindy Lane, ITS in St Louis
Twitter: clane
email: lane.cindy@gmail.com
Google Certified Teacher

Using the Google Presentation doc, it has built in chat so people can follow along and discuss. YouTube: What's so funny about education46 Google Applications - Cloud Computing!
YouTube is owned by Google.
Spreadsheet - 50 collaborators at once Make self graded exams (check out YouTube on how to do this) Docs (WP) - 10 collaborators at once
Presentation - 10 collaborators at once
Use Forms in place of Survey Monkey etc
Use [File]...revision history to see who made what revisions.Easily upload Power Point, Excel and Word DocumentsBecome a Google Certified Teacher - Mountain Grove, CAGoogle Learning Institute - done by Google Certified Teachers

Tammy's Favorite Tips, Tricks and Tools

Tammy Worchester

http://www.tammyworcester.com email: tammyw@essdack.org
handout: http://www.tammyworcester.com/Tammys_Favorite_Tips,_Tricks,_%26_Tools/Tammys_Favorite.html
Blogger - http://www.blogger.com owned by Google
Jam Studio - http://jamstudio.com Garage Band for Windows users
File Droper - http://filedropper.com upload files for others to be able to download
Voz Me - http://vozme.com Type text in and an MP3 file is created from the text
Image Coder - http://imagecodr.org - search engine for flickr images
Issuu - http://issuu.com - create your own e-books from a pdf file
Magic Pen - http://magic.pen.fizzlebot.com/ - game for physics and problem solving
Vocaroo - http://vocaroo.com/ - record your voice, then send to email or web page (including blogger)
Online Stopwatch - http://www.online-stopwatch.com/
Picnik - http://www.picnik.com/ - online photo editing
Stinto - http://www.stinto.net/ - online chat room
Imagination Cubed - http://www.imaginationcubed.com/ - online draw and paint tool - draw replay and can be sent via email
Newspaper clipping generator - http://www.fodey.com/generators/newspaper/snippet.asp *COOL*
Random Name Picker - http://classtools.net/main_area/template_loader.php?fruit_machine - picks names from the list you input
part of ClassTools.net check it outGOOGLE
Search: 350 ml in cups; define: large; 4*5;
Advanced Search: simple machines Jeopardy, any format=change to MS Power Point finds Jeopardy Power Points for simple machines

Thoughts from the Trade Floor

Spent 2 hours walking the floor on Thursday evening. Talked to lots of vendors, but none of them seem to get it. Schools don't have the money to spend on their high priced toys. Two booths showed me their "easy" web pages for schools. They couldn't do anything that I can't do with a wiki, a blog and Google Tools, for FREE. When I asked one gal if her product would let me add widgets, she admitted that she had no idea what I was talking about.
Friday, Jan 23, 2009

Differentiating Instruction

Vicki Gibson
http://fcrr.org definition of differentiating instruction
Teaching skills focused on small groups
design, scope/sequence, pacing, repeated practice (need to see something 15 times to learn, 35 times to embed in long term memory)
Above average IQ learners can stay focused for no longer than 20 minutes
In elementary school, expect 5 different levels of learning needs
Teach in small groups, 3 stations
Change the way teachers teach, NO LECTURE Teach in small steps - talk the subject within student small groups

Conquer Information Overload

Kathy Schrock
email: kathy@kathyschrock.net


Dressed in a referee uniform, complete with whistle! Use email filters to assist
IMAP vs POP - do not mix the two. Use IMAP for multiple computers and email clients. Checks all emails. Saves on server until deleted.Peek email: http://www.getpeek.com/ - hardware email only device Online Faxing - http://faxage.com/ $3.49 per month + 5 cents per fax - pdf format
RSS!!!!! Bloglines, PageFlakes, NetVibes, Google Reader
Foxmarks - Social bookmarking on Firefox - http://www.foxmarks.com/
To do: Things (mac), Remember the milk,
Google Docs for Education - Monthly newsletter, suggestions for report card comments, drafts of new policies, etc Collaborate with others!
Cloud Storage - Mobile Me (mac) - Glide OS 3.0 - http://www.glidedigital.com/
Thinkature - working together in real time - http://thinkature.com/
Get "Google Desktop Search"!

Web 2.0 Risks and Rewards

Linda Sharp

The only thing interesting in this session was a woman who claimed to be an education professional, even president of an education organization, but stated that she was afraid to use FaceBook, because everything she had heard was negative. How many professionals are afraid to use technology? Do we just wait until they all retire, so education can move on? No wonder we change at a snails pace. Most are afraid to try something new. "I've been teaching this the same way for the past 25 years, why would I want to change?" If you are an educator with this attitude, please, just retire NOW!

The Google Classroom

Anita Foster
http://thegoogleclassroom.comDiscussions: http://sites.google.com/site/googclass/discussion
Google Docs - Presentations can be added to web site/wiki using html code
iGoogle - RSS - new
Check out Google Lit Trips - http://www.googlelittrips.com
Google Books - All scanned books from the internet show up here. Grimms Fairytales - can download to pdf
Google Sites - http://sites.google.com/site/googclass - cannot embedd non google gadgets ie. Teacher Tube
Google Calendars - put multiple calenders on a site/wiki
Knol - Googles shot at WikipediaIn Quotes - political quotes from 2 different people on a subject
Sketch up - Free 3D drawing tool, can get Sketch up pro free for education
Picasa - organize and share pictures (iPhoto)
Chrome - web browser - Mac browser coming
More Tools coming out daily - Click on even more to check out the new stuff - check out Google Labs
Google Educator - lesson plan ideas and resources. No longer supporting - Notebook - Video

It's in Your Pocket: Teaching Spectacularly with Cellphones!

Hall Davidson
ustream of this session

Film on the fly - http://www.koce.org/filmonthefly/
10 web sites that will matter in 2009 - http://www.pcworld.com/article/158049/10_web_sites_that_will_matter_in_2009.html
Share live video from your cell phone - http://qik.com/
Free Podcasting Tool - http://www.gcast.com/

Saturday, Jan 24, 2009

Top 10 Free Web 2.0 Sites

Steve Dembo
twitter: teach42
email: steve_dembo@discovery.com

1. Bloglines - Click on subscribers to see who is subscribing to a link
2. Delicious - has RSS feed for these bookmarks - put into bloglines to follow (see gcps)
3. Crappy Graphs - http://crappygraphs.com
4. Voice Thread - http://voicethread.com/ http://voicethread4education.wikispaces.com/
5. Let me google that for you - http://letmegooglethatforyou.com/
6. Poll Everywhere -http://polleverywhere.com - put results into spreadsheet
7. Shout'em - http://shoutem.com - private twitter for students (Edmodo will also work)
8. Mogulus - http://mogulus.com - Live Broadcast - An entire TV studio in your Browser *THIS IS COOL!!* Used by CSPAN Embed into website
9. OSTube - your own YouTube - http://www.ostube.de/en/ostube
10. Prezi - New way to do presentations http://tinyurl.com/topTenWeb20

Teaching and Learning for Tomorrow, Today

Mark Benno, Apple Inc
Twitter: markbenno
email: benno@apple.com
Set up internal network for new teachers so they can learn procedures and policies
Apple is getting back into ACOT (acot2) Challenge Based Learning - can be scaled
Use podcasting in education!
Always consider #13 - let the students decide how to present or solve a problem
Brain Tuner App for iPod Touch

Gadgets - some for the classroom

Leslie Fischer
Twitter: lesliefisher

Web 2.0 sites http://www.tripit.com - send to plans@tripit.com - tripit will create your itinerary - FREE
http://www.yelp.com - online reviews of nearest restauraunts - iPhone App
http://www.jott.com - call 800 number - it sends to twitter, todo list etc
http://www.evernote.com - grab web pages, pictures, notes, etc - Leslie's 2008 app of the year. See the demo on the website
SoftwareAdium - http://www.adiumx.com Free for mac Chat app
http://www.mozy.com - Online backup for Mac and PC 2gb free or $5 unlimited (Time Machine does this on the Mac)
http://www.orbicule.com/undercover $49 Mac Only
HardwareCanon Powershot TX1 - $499
Flip Mino - http://theflip.com - $179
Digital Memory Card - San Disk Extreme III - $63 Faster card
Use a card reader instead of the camera -
i.fi sd card - own wireless access point - automatically upload photos from camera to your photo account - very slow card
  • http://www.smugmug.com - no user account - purchase - create galleries - 120 look and feels - pro account lets you watermark - pro acct free for nonprofit schools - google the nonprofit smugmug
http://www.pinnaclesys.com - $129 - high def TV through the usb port (mac check out iTV)
Speakers - Soundsticks - http://www.harman-multimedia.com - $200
Sling Box - TIVO on the cheap - $200 - $300 External box that hooks up to home theatre and uses internet connection to broadcast segnal to computer/phone.
Netflix Roku - $99 - no monthly fee - no monthly fee - watch movies through the box
Logitech Harmony One - Universal Remote - 15 devices - $249
iPods - 73% of mp3 player market -
Apps - Loopt, shazam, Smug Mug, Twitterfon, Todo, BeeJive, Yelp, okarina
Battery accessories for iPod/Phone - http://www.inflightpower.com - http://www.solio.com - http://www.kensington.com
mophie - battery case triples life of iPhonehttp://ion-audio.com - $134 record player/cassette player with usb port
http://www.virtual-laser-keyboard.com/ - bluetooth
http://www.despair.com (I've used this one!)

The 21st Century Web: Beyond the 2.0 Tools

John Kuglin
http://www.kuglin.com ... Files & Downloads ... Public Folder to find .kmz files
http://nationalatlas.gov - databases (layers) GIS
Flip Video Camera
Google Earth - layers (databases) .KMZ files - geo referenced overlays (live weather maps)video can be geo referenced and linked to Google Earth - layer in GEgenerate content for GE (.kmz files)double click .kmz file to open GECommon Craft - http://commoncraft.com - simple explanation videos
Zamzar - youtube conversion tool (ask teach42 about another)
Answers.com - Online reference tool - bottom of page sites sources correctly
Wikispaces branded label - TIE uses this
eBoard - free from McGraw Hill - http://www.mhln.com - resources - website builder - hosted for free
Project Management - Basecamp
Motion Box - video's

FETC Closing Session

Hall Davidson

FETC 2012 – Web Pages from everywhere – Ewmer Fudd Language in Google
8900 attendees – most will attend through the web – 375,000 participants
Discount for virtual attendees!
Exhibit Hall in second life
The will have found the last child left behind
Only 6 companies left in the world:
AppleSoft MicroDell Linux
NokiaVeriZon – 2-1 initiative – two computers for each student
Educational Pharmaceuticals – take drugs away from kids (Google Docs)
DiscoveryEducation NBCUniversal

2012 – Florida Law – all minors must have cell phone on at all times

YouTube – FETCFOTF tagged videos – check them out!

Check out iTunes Store for FETC Podcasts – Thanks to Kevin and Katie Morrow!
Zoom- Kevin & Katie Morrow used this to capture podcast info for the conference