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Tuesday AM

1) Using Internet Resources to Build a PLN (Personal Learning Network) - Using others to assist you in your educational endeavors, several social networking sites will be explored, emphasizing Classroom 2.0 and Diigo and including Twitter, Facebook, Edmodo and Delicious.

Diigo on YouTube - Collect, Highlight, Remember
My Diigo Page
Diigo Help
New Computer Teacher Help
Connecting Content and Technology Group
60 Examples of Twitter in the Classroom

Tuesday PM

3) Using Web Video Sources - In addition to the ever popular YouTube, there are many other video sites on the web. How to find them and how to use them will be the focus of this presentation.

6 Simple Ways to Use Video in Education
The Educational Benefits of Using Video in Teaching and The Classroom
Salman Khan talk at TED 2011
Heart and Circulatory System- Mayo Clinic
The History Of The World - YouTube
Our Solar System & Beyond - YouTube
Solar System Exploration - YouTube
Solar System Animation for Kids - YouTube
French Revolution (Part 1) | French Revolution | Khan Academy
Google Video Search
Clip Converter - Download any video to watch later (use this if your school has YouTube locked)

Wednesday AM

5) Finding Course Tutorials - Using educational tutorials in the classroom can take the work out of teaching difficult subjects and allows students to learn at their own pace. This session will explore tutorial sites and ways to use them.

Free Sites
10 Useful Video Sites for tutorials
Adobe TV
Photoshop Elements Tutorial
Apple Education Resources
Mac Tutorial
KHAN Academy
15 Awsome Tutorial Websites

Pay Sites
Atomic Learning
iMovie Tutorial
Lynda.com Tutorials

Click HERE for Educational Tutorials!

Wednesday PM

7) Google Docs for Teachers - Using Documents, Presentations, Forms and Spreadsheets in the classroom. Setting up Google Drive for individual students and using shared folders.

Google Docs in Plain English
Introduction to Google Docs
New Features in Google Docs
YouTube: Google Docs Community
Managing Google Docs in the Classroom
40 Ways to use Google Apps in Schools