Spend a little time on these web sites, you will find a wealth of help.

Directory of Educational Resources
50 Fabulous Web Tools for Group Projects
Teacher Training Videos had a wealth of knowledge on using many different Web 2.0 tools.

Woopid Video Tutorials - Provides FREE video tutorials for learning how to use software on a Mac or on a PC as well providing tutorials for cloud computing programs like Google Docs.

15 Awesome Tutorial websites you probably didn't know about. I think the title tells the tale!

All Things Web 2.0 - An Open Directory for Web 2.0 to collect and organize community-based information from registered users and, as things change or new things are introduced, the communities' reactions and impressions are monitored by everyone.

Simple Spark - Over 5000 Web 2.0 Applications

50 Web 2.0 Ways to tell a story - It was not long ago that producing multimedia digital content required expensive equipment and technical expertise; we are at the point now where we can do some very compelling content creation with nothing more complex than a web browser.

K12 Learning's 23 things - This self-guided online learning adventure is designed to provide classroom teachers and other school personnel with an introductory "What's out there?" exploration of some common tools and concepts related to Web 2.0.

Top 100 Tools for Learning - This list has been compiled from the contributions of 223 learning professionals (from both education and workplace learning) who shared their Top 10 Tools for Learning both for their own personal learning/ productivity and for creating learning solutions for others.

Top 100 Educational Blogs - This is by no means an exhaustive list of all of the great education blogs out there. Chances are you may have favorites that are not included here.

Free Technology for Teachers is not just a great blog (it is!), but check out the list of resources on each side of the blog. Educational links for Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Foreign Language and General Technology Integration resources worth checking out.

Transforming Teaching Through Technology from Jordan School District offers a wealth of help, including grade level resources and professional development.

Learn how to create a structured form in MS Word, e.g. a document where users can only edit designated portions of the documents, useful for forms or creating standard project report forms.


Now that I have your attention, check out the Florida Educational Technology Clearinghouse . A FREE online collection of stories and poems in MP3 format. You can even download directly to iTunes.