TIE 2012

Keynote Speaker: Jaime Casap, Google

The Future of Technology in Education

40 ways to use Google Apps Presentation

Managing the Crisis of Low Expectations: Disadvantaged kids don’t go to Harvard.
Success is related to effort?

Success is related to expectations!
The X factor. Goal Setting.

1970’s - didn’t need college - needed work ethic
46% of US college students do not graduate.

The internet is where we find resources and manage relationships!
Kids need to develop skills to use the resources. Technology is Web-Based!
Kids are born into Technology, it doesn’t amaze them. It isn’t new.
Learning is fundamentally different!
Kids use crowd sourcing!

Skills: Communication, Collaboration, Thinking (processing information), Analyzing and making sense of information,

15% of the world’s information is online, it will take 300 years to get it all online.
We learn and solve problems in different ways.
In 1980 a GB cost $200,000
Teach kids how to use technology, DON’T BAN it!
Tools can be used anywhere on anything.

YouTube for Schools! (no comments, no related videos)

Keynote Speaker: Will Richardson

Learning in a Networked World

Presentation is at: http://bit.ly/sdtie12
Teachers have a huge impact in kids lives!
We need to change how WE learn as educators.
Why do we teach memorization? Use resources . . . mobile web!
Just in case learning . . . someday you may need to know something.
PLN is most important part of how we learn . . . from people we may never meet.
Embrace Change . . . it is happening!

Newspapers were created to deliver news.
Schools were created to deliver education.
Both need to change or DIE! Get news and education EVERYWHERE!

KNEWTON: Educational Web Content, unique to each student.
KHAN ACADEMY: Learn almost anything for free. 10 minute videos.
MOTUTO: On demand mobile tutoring.
ATOMIC LEARNING: video learning online.

Cobble together expertise in your interests. . . no diploma!
Get rid of testing!!!!!!

Learning is: Networked, Mobile, Collaborative, Global, Self Directed, Inquiry Based, On Demand, Transparent and Personalized!

Are you being “Old School” or “Bold School”?

Breakout Session: Soaring to New Sites: Using Google Sites in Education

Molly Schroeder, Edina Public Schools, http://followmolly.com


Google Apps for Education
Educators should have their own web presence.

Big 3: Something I can do 1) next week, 2) this year, 3) when I get time!
Google Science Fair (template)
You can make your own templates (teachers pages all look and feel alike)

South Dakota (sd.k12.us) is going Google Apps.
Practice Site made in the session: https://sites.google.com/site/tieconferencetestsite/

Breakout Session: Cool Free Tools

Sherry Crofut http://scrofut.tie.wikispaces.net/Free+Cool+Tools+-+TIE+Conference

Google Forms - using Flubaroo to grade a quiz.
UTube for Schools

Keynote Speaker: Hall Davidson

Not Your Fathers e-Book


Digital Resources are something that can be changed. (Not PDF)
Google Translate App - Android
Coaches Eye - Video Commentary
Tour Wrist

Breakout Session: Who am I online?

Rob Mancabelli

Google Search - 75% click on first hit

Breakout Session: Creating Your Professional Learning Network

Debra Peters

Presentation Here:

Prevent Isolation, get connected
Work smarter, not harder
Keep up to date

PLURK (check out Nate Naasz & Ken Sheldon) dpeters143
LINKABLE - BEST - http://linkable.com/deb
BLOGS - google for educational blogs
WEBINARS - http://simplek12.com
MICROBLOGGING - Twitter (user centric), Plurk (topic centric) (get tweetdeck)
EDUCATIONAL COMMUNITIES - http://www.futureofeducation.com Classroom 2.0

Keynote Speaker: Rob Mancabelli

The Secrets of Creating 21st Century Schools

We need to become 21st Century Teachers!
Facts, Fear, Force doesn’t work! (less than 10%)
Change: 5 Keys
1. Plug into emotions! (77% change)
2. Use emotional discussion to change the “yeah buts”
3. Generate concrete commitments
4. Generate Quick Wins!
5. Use group thinking to your advantage

7 survival skills for the 21st century