Technology in Education Conference 2013

Sunday Evening Keynote: Julie Mathiesen

Monday Morning Keynote: Diana Laufenberg

Session 1: Learning with iPad: Trends and Best Practices

Sue Meyer - Apple

PDF on Edmodo

Scott McCloud - Exponential Change Videos
The promise of change is falling short in education - technology is additive, not transformative.
Education ranks 55th of 55 in % change in industry!
2013=internet searches - more on devices than on computers (decline of the PC)
Web 2.0 - lets us change education fundamentals! (Facebook
Web 3.0 (semantic web) leading to mass customized learning.
Gamification - making a game of every day activities.
  • achievement badges/leader boards
  • incremental levels leading to mastery
  • little/no consequence for failure (learning comes from failure, try again)
Example=Pocket Law Firm
Search Engines= #1. Google #2. You Tube
Use technology to learn, not learn technology. Shift from previous learners.

What students say they want from school: (eSchool News
  1. To do real and relevant work
  2. To have more choice
  3. Learning to be interesting
  4. Their teachers to be their mentors
  5. Work with interactive technologies

Digital Learning cycle for 21st century learners. (Learn, create, share)
  • Collaborate
  • Create
  • Distribute
  • Access
Technology Implementation Continuum (SAMR)
  1. Substitution - improvement
  2. Augmentation - functional improvement
  3. Modification - significant improvement (Fibonacci sequence) 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144
  4. Redefinition - (Dan Meyer - Tech Talk)

Use iPads to get to Redefinition!
Substitution - Google for search and Docs
Augmentation - Motion Math, Learning to Read
Modification - Recording app to read into and listen to themselves (leads to more practice)
Redefinition - Global content creation and global collaboration

Session 2: Teacher Productivity Tips & Tricks with the iPad and Your Computer

Don Versteeg & Pat Bruinsma - USD

iPad Apps and Web 2.0 tools and resources
Goodreader (swiss army knife for the iPad) ($4.99)
  • Annotate Files
  • Manage files - sync with Drop Box or Google Drive via wifi

Penultimate - use to take notes or Journal (free)

Educreations - has featured lessons done by other educators (free)
also has a website:

Apps for PLN

Session 3: Appiholics Anonymous

Len & Maggie Austin

Google Glass - voice activated glasses with a small screen computer embedded.

Session 4: Free Cool Tools

Sherry Crofut

Check back often, Sherry actually updates her Cool Tools Site!

Use Wolfram Alfa for comparisons. ex South Dakota Wyoming

iPads in Schools LiveBinders

Tuesday Morning Keynote: TIE Staff

Technology Slam

Session 5: Google Forms

Karl Martin and Gary Miller

Session 6: Cloud Tools for Staff and Students

Dale & Lila Moeller

Photo Bucket
Box (like dropbox)
  • Share folders with students to collect work or share files
  • Automatic backup of all files
  • Share files across devices
  • Use with iPad Pages
  • Set up RSS from a particular folder
Livescribe Pen - write on paper and automatically put into Evernote. Also captures audio.

Tuesday Afternoon Keynote: Richard Byrne

Ten Common Challenges Facing Educators