YouTube has great educational videos. Here is a list of 100 best educational videos on YouTube.

Check this out!! WatchKnowLearn , Videos for kids to learn from. Organized Wiki. Join and help organize.

Learn it in 5 is a powerful library of how-to videos for the purpose of helping teachers and students create classroom strategies for today's 21st century's digital classroom.

New Sites Here:
KHAN ACADEMY - First stop for Educational Video!
Learners TV - Free Video Courses
NeoK12 - Education Videos for Education
Learn it in Five - Learn Web 2.0 and other technology in 5 minutes!
**Next Vista for Learning** An online library of free videos for learners everywhere.
Edutube also has a list of over 400 educational videos. Check them out.
Free online Teacher Training VideosWatch Free Documentaries - Snag Films
Science Videos - Grades 1 - 7

Teaching with TED TALKS See #20 below.

Ten useful video sites to teach you new tech skills .

History of the Internet from PICOL on Vimeo.

Here are some alternatives to YouTube that teachers and students might want to explore.

1,2,3. This list cannot be started and would be totally incomplete if I did not start by mentioning Teacher Tube,, andiTunes U.

4. School Tube is a website that is similar to Teacher Tube. School Tube's content is generated by teachers and students contributing videos about a wide variety of topics.

5. How Stuff Works is a video site that I spent hours exploring in September because I was sucked in by the quality of the content.

6,7. The History Channel and the Discovery Channel both offer a lot of content similar to and, in some cases, identical to that which is found on their respective television networks.

8,9 Vimeo and are two user generated content video sites that have gained some traction over the last year.

10 Dot Sub is full of user generated content that is subtitled into many different languages. Great for hearing impaired students.

11. If you're looking for current news content you may want to consider subscribing to the Reuters Video RSS feed.

12, 13. Along the lines of news videos, all of the major US Networks offer most of their nightly news as online videos. For news videos that are kid-friendly try CNN Student News. If you're interested in showing your students the inner workings of Congressional proceedings, visit the C-Span video library.

14. Hulu, a joint venture of NBC and News Corps, offers high quality video of television shows, movies, and old news broadcasts.

15, 16, 17, 18. For videos directly intended for use in the classroom visit the Kids Know It Network, The Futures Channel, Science Tube, and Math-A-Tube.

19, 20 TED and Big Think offer intellectual discussions and presentations about a wide variety of social, political, scientific, and economic topics.

21. Snag Films is a great place to watch full length documentaries from producers like National Geographic for free.

22. Google Video serves a lot of results from YouTube, but you will also find non-YouTube videos in the mix that you can use in the classroom.

23. Nibipedia takes the concepts of Wikipedia and YouTube and combines them. In other words if every Wikipedia entry had a YouTube or a Ted Talk video attached to it, you would have Nibipedia.

24. Untamed Science is a collection of videos and podcasts about biology and Earth science topics.

25. is similar to Big Think in that it presents videos relevant to topics in the news and in the public conscious today. The videos feature well known personalities and experts talking about the important issues of the day. You will also videos of debates, press conferences, and public meetings.

26. iCue, presented by NBC News, features videos about history and current events. There is a capability to connect with other students to discuss topics and learn together. There are also quizzes and learning activities associated with many of the videos.

27. Viddler is a service that I enjoy using because of its integrated in-video commenting system.

28. features user generated content about current news topics.

29. TroopTube is a military video website.

30. ZunaVision is Stanford University's video site.

31. Flixy is another addition to the growing list of great video web sites.